Our 2017 Spark/ED Educational Series continues with an introduction to ITSM and ServiceNow.

Join us March 22nd as we look at how today’s IT Service Management and IT Operations Management strategies are speeding up and automating tasks across the enterprise. Areas of the business from Human Resources to Security are benefiting from the impactful solutions ServiceNow has brought to market.

Spark/ED webinars are designed to be educational (read: not a sales pitch) so come learn about ITSM and new technology on Thursday, Feburary 9th.

A couple key topics we'll cover :

  • Get an unbiased look at modern IT Service Management and IT Operations Management
  • They’re blowing up! Who is ServiceNow and what are they helping organizations achieve
  • Live Demo of the ServiceNow solution set
  • Automation and Speed of all IT Operations and Service Requests

As with all Spark/ED webinars, two lucky attendees will win an Amazon Giftcard!

About Spark/ED:

At Sparkhound, we love learning and we love sharing. So we created Spark/ED, an ongoing series of education events to help keep IT pros at the top of their game. We cover a wide range of timely trends, topics and technologies — stuff you can put to use in your organization immediately. And we always try to keep things fun, casual and collegial. (And also, free. Did we mention free?)